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Supports, crowdfunded sports

Supports, crowdfunded sports

The video explains the concept (in Dutch

It's getting harder and harder for (amateur) athletes to find sponsors. In the sportsworld, sponsors are crucial to be able to do sports. 'SUPPORTS' is an organisation that allows athletes to be crowdfunded. 

Through an online platform 'the crowd' can meet the athletes and see what they want to achieve. That can be as various as 'becoming pro in the next two years' to 'I just want to be able to play soccer with my friends on sunday'. How much money an athlete will collect depends on how he presents himself, and what kind of (small) incentive there is.

Each athlete has an unique shape and colour wich is used offline to create a pattern of sponsored shapes. Those are used on the shirts of the athletes. The shirts become a kind of infographic: the more shapes there are on the shirt; the more support the athlete has.