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National Military Museum, website

The National Military Museum (NMM) opens it's doors on December 11, 2014. I had the honor of designing the, app, interactives and website for the museum at Fabrique. In this project we were looking for a way for the visitor of the website to discover the museum, when it wasn't opened yet. The challenge was to translate the physical grandeur of the monumental size of the newly constructed building, the vast collection and the diversity of the museum and it's surroundings.

We found a solution in defining three points in which the museum is unique: 
The architecture and Arsenal, a completely new building of monumental size and it's outer ring housing the biggest collection of military vehicles and weapons.

The inside of the museum, the inner part of the museum where the complete history of the Armed Forces and The Netherlands is explained, personal stories are told and dilemma's are presented to the visitor.

The surroundings of the museum, The museum is situated in a National Park, and offers not only a visit to the museum, but all kinds of recreational activities.

The homepage and fullscreen menu

The homepage and fullscreen menu

For each of these points, we created a special page that gives room to photography and video to showcase the museum. All of these pages are connected by one flight: a drone that flies over- and through the museum and takes the visitor on a grand tour.

On each of these special pages we created 'specials'. Interactive elements that are found nowhere else on the website, and that allow visitors to discover more about the museum or it's collection. 3D wireframes for example explain the armour of a tank, and a sliding panel reveals all the details about the fighterjets suspended from the ceiling in the museum.

For phones we created a somewhat different experience, all of the pages are available there. But we made the conceptual choice to showcase the museum in it's full glory on desktop and tablet, or else it would not fit the grandness of the museum itself.

And last but not least, pages to guide visitors to the museum, let them buy e-tickets and look up opening times are also all there.