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De Key, photography

De Key, photography

Concept and art direction @ Fabrique Amsterdam

De Key is an Amsterdam based housing association. Founded by Amsterdams workers in 1868, who wanted to have their own home. Since their foundation they housed a diversity of people in our capital.

De Key really wanted to show this diversity, therefore I came up with a photography concept that captures that diversity.

Without the people, a city is nothing more than a collection of bricks, it isn’t alive. So it would be only logical to capture portraits of some sort, depicting the people living in houses that are owned by De Key. On the other hand, the pure ‘product’ that De Key offers to it’s tenants are the bricks that make houses.

On an emotional level De Key offers more than a collection of bricks and glass, it offers a home and space to live. And how we organize and furnish our homes says a lot about ourselves, and is essentially a reflection of our personalities. 

This resulted in a series of interiors shot with only natural light, by Inga Powilleit. We visited six different people, from different walks of life, backgrounds and age.