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ING Annual Review, website and photography

ING Annual Review, Website and photography

As lead designer and director of photography @ Fabrique Amsterdam - annualreview.ing.com


In stead of an Annual Report, ING wanted something more ‘lightweight’. Something with less numbers, and more content that relates to people. And content that shows more of a longterm vision rather than last year’s results. From this we created the Annual Report based on five social trends. Those trends are at the heart of the website and discuss how ING is effected by these trends and how they react to them.

A clear, legible style with share- and navigation controls that stay with you while reading lead you through the trends on the website. Smart use of animation introduces the core of the Annual Review in a very lightweight and accessible way, live action here.

Each trend is supported with distinct photography by Suzanne Karsters. For each trend, we transformed an abstract idea, to an appealing image. Terms like ‘Regulation’ and ‘Economic Recovery’ become people fixing a lightbulb and tipping their umbrella to look up to the clearing skies.

The style for the website was later adapted for the printed version of the Annual Review.