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Heijmans, continuous stories

Heijmans.nl, continuous stories

Concept & lead design @ Fabrique Amsterdam - heijmans.nl

Heijmans is the most innovative builder of The Netherlands, not only do they come up with groundbreaking techniques or ideas to build sustainable, energy efficient houses, schools, office buildings, bridges and more. They also take on daring partnerships with artists such as Daan Roosegaarde to build the future, now.

When they asked us to design their new corporate website, there wasn’t a ready made answer for it. For profiling Heijmans as an innovator, and the company with the most thought leadership in the field, we found an answer in sharing stories, thoughts and ideas. Because you cannot achieve, or sustain thought leadership without sharing your thoughts.

Thus we created a corporate website which is focussed on editorial content; about innovations, project updates, interviews with interesting employees or partners and revolutionary techniques. The leading tagline for the project: Follow Heijmans, share ambition.

Through reading and sharing the interesting content via social media people are lead deeper into the website, finding projectpages and expertises as ‘proof’ to back the stories up.

On the bulky, yellow and blue designed website you’ll find firm typography; suitable for reading on every device, clear and large photography that makes the stories come alive. Every ‘edition’ has it’s own theme and the stories and articles are collected within these themes.

To be able to produce good content again and again, we thought up with a number of formats. Each with their own focus and appearance. Together with illustrator Aad Goudappel we created illustrations to label the formats across the platform and on social media, making an ‘ecosystem’ where the visual language stays recognisable throughout the online experience.