Ferdy Pullens
portfolio of Ferdy Pullens

National Military Museum, interactives

Being a modern museum, the National Military Museum wants to enrich your visit with interactive installations. I had the chance to design these interactives at Fabrique Amsterdam.

The museum tells personal stories of Dutch veterans, explains Dutch military history and gives in-depth information about collection pieces and the establishment of our society today from a military perspective. The interactives we made support those things and really enrich the visit to the museum. 

A few interactives are highlighted below to give an impression of the variety of work we did.


The Visser collection

This comprehensive collection of antique weaponry was collected by H.L. Visser. We created a interactive that allows visitors to read the story of Dutch weapon trade- and production, and to zoom in on the weapons. 

The Military Uniform

The four departments of the Dutch armed forces all have their own uniforms that have to be 'read' differently. This man-sized screen enables the visitor to explore the different decorations on different uniforms. And a hidden feature let's visitors playing the app go in the right direction. For this interactive we used real people on video to create a life-like experience. And for small visitors, or those bound to a wheelchair we created the 'I can't reach this' button. Then the soldier squats and all of the hotspots come within range of the visitor.

VOC / WIC, the story of Dutch merchants and military 

The Dutch have a rich history traveling and trading around the globe. This interactive gives insight in where the Dutch went, and what they did there. By sliding a screen over a large projection of an old world map, the visitor discovers important places in Dutch history. When a visitor comes to a harbour, they hear sounds that illustrate that particular place in the world, and by flipping through historical paintings and prints enriched with hotspots, they get emerged in Dutch history.


For the youngest visitors, we made a series of interactives that together fill the 'Xplore' section of the museum. Here the interactives are focused on having fun, and learning something while doing so. Here you'll find simulators where children can drive an armoured personnel carrier, fire a battle tank, fly an F-16 fighterjet or even ride a horse in medieval times. The 3D visuals were made in collaboration with the boys at Toinkworld.